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No hassle droff-off and top-dollar payouts is what you get when you come to National Material Recycling. We handle all your recycling needs, including commercial pick-up. Learn more about our services.

Be green and get some green; recycling saves energy and creates far less pollution than making products from new raw materials. In addition, we ship our processed product to local mills and companies, so you can be sure you're supporting your community when you recycle with us.

* Please remember, State Law requires a Valid Driver's License or State ID to sell your scrap metal.

We Pay CASH  for your scrap metal

Scrap Metal Recycling

copper recycling

Copper Recycling

Copper is in high demand and many items that contain copper can easily be recycled. The most common types of items to recycle are electrical wires, radiators, and plumbing materials.

aluminum recycling

Aluminum Recycling

Nearly half of all aluminum in supply today is created from recycling. Aluminum cans are one of the most common types and easiest of all aluminum that can be recycled.

steel recycling

Steel / Iron Recycling

Steel is the most recycled material in the world. Over 200,000 tons of steel is recycled every day in North America conserving large amounts of natural resources and reducing polution.

Recycle your scrap copper, aluminum, and steel with National Material Recycling today for fast and friendly service.

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